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Why this page?

One of the best racing games I've ever played was 4D Stunts Driving. Bad graphics, old and only one way to play it. But it had a track editor which made it possible to create easily new tracks, share it with friends and compete with them. I waited for a new version of this game but it never came.
As I played the demo of Trackmania: Sunrise I realised that it had the possibilty to become a successor of 4D Stunts Driving. Friends told me about the possibilities that the demo gave to the user. You can create and share tracks, you can even play every track you can play in the full prize version online! This page shall help to use every possibilty of the demo! All free - which should help to spreaden the game like it's old antecessor.
14.7.2005: I had some time doing "creative" things the last days but no time to put them here. I uploaded a very small track (I'm building a bigger one but running out of coppers - but now it should be possible to have enough ;) ), my new profile (now I've won every track, so I have 950 coppers - the maximum for the demo and I've uploaded the cheattrack for the demo (many, many more coppers). You'll find everything when you select Downloads from the menu.
Page goes online
10.7.2005: Yesterday I downloaded the Demo of Trackmania: Sunrise and today I'm writing a page for it. :)